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Focus on your business while we handle your day-to-day accounts payable, inventory, accounts receivable, payroll, financial reporting, books, and many other responsibilities.


Let Us Handle Your
Bookkeeping and
Accounting Requirements

If you have found that bookkeeping or accounting is eating too much time, other business aspects are being neglected, or you could opt for outsourced accountants, you can count on our comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services for small businesses. 

Our decades of experience, will not only save you money but you will get efficient financial experts to run your business. Our services include monthly bookkeeping, payroll, book cleanup, and inventory management. We aim to help you improve your bottom line.

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Bespoke, Timely and Reliable Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Schaumburg

To manage your bookkeeping and accounts, we go above and beyond to provide you the solutions that can be aligned with your goals. From making collections, maintaining financial accounts, answering queries, to timely reporting, we offer end-to-end services so that you don’t need to do even a little math. 

What We Offer

Monthly Bookkeeping Services

We offer customized bookkeeping services to small businesses with top-notch quality. We offer diverse accounting and bookkeeping services, covering invoice handling, bank reconciliation, accounts..

QB Cleanup Services:

Not sure why you have an ever-increasing balance in a particular QuickBooks account? Thought you have already cleared those bills or to pay for that invoice? Do your books look weird...

Inventory Management

Whether you are a startup or an established online e-commerce business, we are your proactive partner when it comes to managing inventory across eBay, Amazon, Etsy and anywhere else you sell.

Payroll Services

We offer customized payroll services to save you time and money when it comes to keeping totals for hours worked by employees, rates of wages, and managing payments.

Shopify Bookkeeping Services

With our efficient Shopify accounting and bookkeeping services, we make sure to
record and report your financial data in the right way.

Amazon Bookkeeping Services

We are your reliable source when it comes to doing accounting and bookkeeping for Amazon sellers. We understand the complications that come with e-commerce financial management.

Why Choose our Bookkeeping Services


Experienced Team

We take pride in our experienced and skilled team. Their knowledge and experience have been obtained by years of effort in doing books and accounting which they capitalize to help you get more revenue. They know how to run the process and move it smoothly to eliminate hassles and troubles.

Providing All-Time Support

We are always open to listen to your queries before, during, and after the service. After all, we are the trusted bookkeeping and accounting company you can rely on. 

Stressing Data Security and Confidentiality

We keep our client’s data safe and confidential. And it won’t be shared with anyone, no matter what the circumstances. 

Using Sophisticated

We use the latest technology and procedures. Plus, we stay updated with all payroll practices. 


We let you stay on top of everything we do for you. You will be kept in the loop of everything by setting up consistent communication through emails, messaging, and phone calls. Our accounting and bookkeeping services for small businesses are flexible, efficient, and transparent.

Serving All Industries

Whether you are a law firm, a small retail store, or run the automobile business, our services are available for all industries. Thanks to our team that is composed of personnel from diverse backgrounds. 

Let Us Handle Your Stressful Accounting Process Now!

We value your trust in us, and we will go above and beyond to handle the recording of your financial transactions as well as reporting, analyzing, and summarizing the financial data.

Call us today or schedule a consultation to see how we can help you with your bookkeeping and accounting needs.  


What are the Virtual Bookkeeping services provided by YC Integrity Group LLC ?

YC Integrity Group offers end-to-end customized Bookkeeping & Accounting Services for the USA region. We have multiple service models that can be suited to your budget and corporate culture. YC Integrity Group has a ready pool of Accounting talent starting from Junior Accountant to highly qualified CPA/CA professionals. We provide need based staffing solutions for short term projects to long term staffing engagements.

Do YC Integrity Group provide end to end Virtual Bookkeeping services & Online Accounting Services ?

End to end Bookkeeping & Accounting solutions YC Integrity Group has a team of experienced accounting professionals focused on designing and implementing customized end to end bookkeeping & accounting solutions for small and medium enterprises and professional CPA/ CA firms to suit your budget and vision.

Do YC Integrity Group provide Virtual Bookkeeping services & Online Accounting Services for Accounting processes?

Process Level Bookkeeping & Accounting Solutions
YC Integrity Group offers a broad range of services in Bookkeeping and Accounting services, creating significant economies of scale that translate to lower costs and improved business processes. Our dedicated team of global subject matter experts drive value across organizations by deploying process expertise. From simple transactions to full service accounting and complex reporting, you can mix and match the services your business needs most.


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Get in touch to find out how we can empower the financial structure of your business with our comprehensive bookkeeping solutions. It starts with a conversation. Right?